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Our Dating Services

The professional dating services at Dating Moments is fully geared towards catering to the various segments of the Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong market, coming up with various innovations and propositions to ensure that the requirements of our DM Members are adequately met. We fully understand the challenges and time constraints that our busy single professionals face these days which explains why we adopt an integrated dating approach for our members and their potential matches to ensure high efficiency and effectiveness in terms of each dating endeavour.





Dating Moments is the Premier Agency within the industry to offer DM Meetme Dates, an integrated One-to-One Personalised Matching, both in terms of actual and moderated online meetups for members. On a short note, DM Meetme Dates members can choose between meeting up their potential matches online in a virtual environment setting for a nice chat, moderated by our DM Consultants before deciding whether or not to go on an actual date in a pre-selected activity i.e. sports, leisure beach walks, luncheons, high-tea sessions, voluntary work etc.


In this way, members have a chance to understand each other better first, get the vibes going before meeting up, thereby increasing the overall matching success rate and efficiency of the entire dating process. Please CLICK HERE for more information.







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We provide practical and interactive Dating Preparatory (Date Coach) Courses that would enhance on your social skills & etiquette and build up your confidence as well as self-esteem. Our personal date coaching shall impart important dating knowledge and guidelines, for you to make better choices and at the same time be a better choice too. We also work with a team of external professional coaches (i.e. grooming, fitness, lifestyle etc.) to provide an all encompassing date preparation for you. Please CLICK HERE for more information.








DM Date Preparatory Courses
Premium Date Scouting Service

We offer a premier and elite Date Scouting Services that pro-actively goes beyond our database to search for your potential life partner. Even though we have an extensive database for personalized matching, it may not cater to all especially for those who has exceptional preferences and ideals of their potential life partner. By tapping on our wide and credible networks, we can offer this unique Date Scouting Services that no other agency can provides. Just provide us with your requirements and we shall source for the best potential match for you. Please CONTACT our friendly DM Consultants for more information today!








Personality & Behavioural Analysis

We work with a team of certified DISC and Myers Briggs practitioners to conduct psychometrics tests to understand your behavior, psychology and personality. The tests would analyze in detail about your character, traits, tendencies, strength and weakness.


The main objective of the psychometrics test is to understand more about yourself and learn more of your behavioral patterns. Such understanding is very important as it may leads to an improvement on your communication and ultimately on your relationships. Please CONTACT our friendly DM Consultants for more information today!









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DM QuickDrop VC Service

DM QuickDrop VC Service is specially designed for the busy single professionals who would like a fast, cost effective and discreet method of submitting their profile online and virtually meeting their matches while having the services of the Dating Consultant to review for them their prospective matches instead of depending just on computer algorithms to do the matching.


Depositing your personal profiles at our DM QuickDrop VC Service can be completed in just a couple of minutes. Please CLICK HERE for more information.






DM Mobile Dating

The latest dating innovation at Dating Moments is the launch of its Mobile Dating App which complements our  DM Meetme Dates in the form of Actual and Online Personalised Matching so as to offer busy professionals an opportunity to meet prospective matches “On-The-Go” allowing them to interact with each other before deciding on whether they would like to meet up personally.  


DM Mobile Dating also serves as a mobile community platform which brings the latest happenings to our DM Members subscribed to Mobile Dating and latest special promotions and activities arranged for them. Please CONTACT our friendly DM Consultants for more information today!







DM Events &  Activities

Dating Moments organises regular Social Networking Events to allow DM members to widen their social circle, make new acquaintances, learn new skills or know-hows, relax and have fun! All events and activities are strictly organised for DM Members and by special invitation only. If you would like to find out more information about our DM events, please CLICK HERE for more information.








DM Events & Activities
Seniors Dating Community

Here at Dating Moments, we strongly believe that dating is for everyone and it is never too late to start dating. Our Seniors Dating Community is a platform where seniors can come together to seek friendship, companionship or romance. We want to provide them with a fresh beginning as well as a chance to build a fulfilling and lasting relationship in their golden years. Please CONTACT our friendly DM Consultants for more information today!










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