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  DM Meetme Dates

1 to 1 Personalised Service.  

Our Signature ~ DM Meetme Dates

DM Meetme Dates is an innovative, pleasant and effective method to meet new people. It is an integrated One-to-One Personalised Matching, both in terms of actual and moderated online meetups for members, structured specifically at increasing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the entire dating process. Members have the full flexibility to customize exactly on how they would like their dating moments to be. Come join us and experience the difference yourself!

Benefits of DM Meetme Dates

Personal Date Preparation Coaching sessions are made exclusively to our DM Meetme Dates members (when required) to assist them in building better dating knowledge and understanding

Full flexibility to decide between DM Meetme Dates* packages, Transparent Pricing with no Hidden charges

Ability to customise each and every single date in terms of quality, sophistication, affordability and interests

Option to chat with Potential Matches online via a virtual connection to understand each other better before actual meet up

Membership benefits include discounts at various merchants, quarterly newsletters, timely updates and most importantly, we are always there for you throughout your entire dating journey.*

*Please note that DM Membership is chargeable separately at $185 /- per annum which includes all the stated membership benefits and allows one to store their dating profile in our DM database. It does not include any dates or courses and the date packages are taken up separately from the membership. 

All DM Meetme Dates comes in different packages which may require minimum number of dates sign-up. Please check with us for full pricing and details.

 DM Personalised profiling is done to understand every DM Meetme Dates members’ requirements & preferences. This allows DM Consultants to better match members to the respective potential dates

Our DM Meetme Dates Packages


Suitable for one looking to expand their Social Circle with like-minded individuals, sharing similar lifestyles, preferences and outlook of life. 

from $75 per Date


Suitable for busy professionals looking for a hassle-free & dual-dimensional dating solution, comprising of both pre-defined algorithms and intuitive matching expertise. 

from $195 per Date

DM Indulgence

Suitable for one looking for an All-Encompassing full dating solution with dedicated support in dating portfolio management and date coaching services. 

from $325 per Date

DM   Meetme Dates



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