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date coaching course singapore

The Process of Dating starts even before you meet your Special One!

DM Dating Portfolio Management (Date Coaching Consultation & Date Preparatory Courses)

The process of Dating starts even before you meet your Special One!

Why do we say so? Well simply, you need to get yourself ready first! In order to ensure that you experience greater success for your dating journey, let us strengthen your core essential dating skill-sets and overall wellness before going for the dates. Our DM Dating Portfolio Management Services ensures that we are always there to support you throughout your entire dating journey.


DM Dating Portfolio Management Service - Date Preparatory Course is specially designed for singles who would like to get themselves prepared from both an internal and external perspective ensuring greater success before embarking on their dating journey.


Here at Dating Moments, we recognize the importance of creating that lasting and positive impression on others, thereby increasing your overall chances of being able to fully catch hold of the attention from your special someone when they appear in your life.


Prided to be a One-Stop Dating Services Agency for Singles, Dating Moments does not stop at just creating the opportunity to increase your social network. We are one who cares about your Personal Well-being and the wholesome, positive impression you give to others.


Before the pairing starts, we would coach you to be a positive and confident individual before we let you embark on your dating journey. We want you to not only an enjoy  the joys of dating but start you off on a different and enriching lifestyle upon completion of our DM date preparatory courses.


Our Date Coaching Consultation Support would primarily focus on managing the various challenges when going on a date, i.e. Getting prepared for your date, dressing yourself right to make an impact, overcoming communication hurdles, how to more effectively engage or attract your date, closing & setting up your next date, interpreting the various responses from your dates etc.


Besides having the personalized knowledge sharing from our DM founders, we also collaborate with a widespread panel of experienced professionals such as Nutritionist, Make-Up Consultants, Fitness Trainers, Yoga and Pilate instructors all specially selected by Dating Moments, to enhance your overall well being and increase your dating X-factor in you!

Our DM Date preparatory courses are all conducted by our DM founders themselves, Edmund and Jenny, who has been coaching individuals to successfully embark on their dating journey since 2011.  A full-fledge date preparatory course will be curated specially for their DM members through comparing the various date coaching methodologies available today, customising it to suit the current societal expectations and constantly evolving the course materials to reflect the ever-changing dating environment.

Benefits of Date Preparatory Course

Don’t hesitate, as the saying goes,

“Time waits for no one!”.

Contact Dating Moments today & register for our DM Dating Portfolio Management Service now!

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