The Swift Dating Methodology


The DM structure is aimed at harnessing the effectiveness and efficiency of traditional matching and modern-day virtual dating platforms while maintaining the suitability criterion of our members. Focus is also on letting our members understand themselves and their opposite genders at a more micro level so as to assist them in cultivating better relationships in the different phases of their lives.  


In order to ensure that all our members benefit fully from our dating initiatives, DM has incorporated the SWIFT Dating Methodology, into all the various functional aspects of the business.


The  SWIFT Dating Methodology is a proprietary dating management concept which Dating Moments utilizes to ensure that all our members and friends derive optimal values and satisfaction when registered with DM for our dating services and activities. The following are the working principles behind the SWIFT dating methodology;


We believe in being sincere to all our members and friends

to assist them in their dating journey.

We believe in making all our dating services and packages worthwhile for our members and friends in terms of the value which it delivers.



We would be constantly coming up with new innovations and ideas to further enhance and perfect our dating services.


We want to bring back the Fun and Laughter into the dates amidst all the stress and pressures in our everyday lives.


We have put in place a comprehensive security framework to safeguard our members’ and friends’ confidential personal information and privacy so that they feel safe throughout their dating journey and trust us to do the right thing for them.

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