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   Getting Married June 2018   

Chee Kiong & Sherine

Congratulations to our DM Couple Chee Kiong & Sherine who are now an official couple! We managed to get some time off the happy couple for an exclusive interview, to share with us their love story;


1) How did the first date go? Did the morning stroll activity break the ice faster compared to a normal sit down dinner or lunch date?

Our first date did not go very smoothly as what we thought it would be.  Chee Kiong was over dressed on the first date as he thought the meet up was only a short walk.  We did not manage to complete our stroll at Southern Ridges.  Instead, Chee Kiong suggested to go for bites at Bakery Chef located at Bukit Merah Central.  This creates a good opportunity for us to chat along with each other more. 


Thereafter, we continue our meet up to Sentosa for a walk and we managed to communicate more to find out each other interests, hobbies and lifestyles.  This was how our first date went along but it left a good feeling.

To us, the morning stroll activity seems to break the ice easier, as compared to the normal sit down dinner or lunch date, we felt it was more relaxing.


2) What attracted the both of you to each other?


Chee Kiong is a down to earth and sincere person.  Sherine is a determined and cheerful person.  After a period of time of knowing each other better, we were attracted to each other.


3) How did your love story develop from the first date?


We continue to stay in touch with each other after our first date.  It was a wonderful feeling when both of us planned our subsequent dates together.  Both of us were putting in efforts to spend time together to better understand each other. 


From those times together, we found out that we have a few common interests such as food hunting, watching movies, strolling and enjoying the view of beautiful sceneries.  Both of us spend time continue to pursue these interests together. As months go by, our feelings grew deeper towards each other and fell in love.


4) What made you guys finally decide to progress to the next stage?


With the time we spent together sharing common topics and interests, we have also become more aware of each other’s differences and lifestyles.  However, we were willing to put in efforts to sensibly work out the differences.  We gradually felt there is a connection and commitment between the two of us.  Hence our friendship has developed into a couple hood relationship. 



5) How do you think Dating Moments have made a difference in supporting your love journey?


Right from the beginning, Dating Moments has provided the personalised touch to patiently find out each of our background and expectations in dating.  Dating Moments listened and paid attention to help us find each other as the potential life partner.

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