Ming Chye & Mei Chen 

   Happily Married since 19 March 2016   

Congratulations to our DM Couple Ming Chye & Mei Chen for tying the knot on 19th March 2016! We managed to get some time off the happy couple for an exclusive interview, to share with us their love story;


1) How was your first date and where did you all go?


I remembered that my first date with Mei Chen was good and it went really well as planned.


We met up at Stadium MRT station and proceed for a bowling game at Leisure Park Kallang. While waiting for our game, we went for a bite and had a chat, where we got to know each other better. After the game, we took a stroll in the shopping mall and around the national stadium before ending the date.


Conversation flowed rather smoothly during the date, which Mei Chen managed to make me open up as I am not very chatty by nature. We shared information about our lifestyles and Mei Chen shared that she has spent most of her childhood days in Penang, the Malaysian city which I have visited several times. This definitely help to build up some common topics between us.


In a way, having an activity prior to the date would open up greater opportunities to chat on more topics, as compared to having a traditional sit-down meal. Ultimately, I feel that the quality of the match matters much more than the activity itself, and I appreciate that I was matched with the right person.



2) What attracted the both of you to each other?


I was pleasantly surprised that Mei Chen is someone I could get along with and laugh with. She is sincere, and always appreciative for the little things I did for her. It's an encouragement and enlightenment to know that my effort is being recognised. 


On the other hand, Mei Chen finds me caring and understanding. She appreciates my initiative to plan for any activities and my effort to compromise to suit her preference.



3) How did your love story develop from the first date?


Mei Chen went back to Penang soon after our first date. We mostly kept in contact via WhatsApp. When she is back in Singapore, it was during the December festive period and there was a lot of interesting activities in town which we took the opportunity to meet up for a couple more times and it didn’t take  us long to fall in love. With each other. Within a short span of 2 months, we were certain that we were meant for each other.


After we got together, Mei Chen and I would spent most of our time at my place cooking, trying out different recipes  and reading new novels etc. We are both homely persons and enjoy the simple things in life. Occasionally, we will take a stroll down in the park or go for movies together.


We have also gone for a couple of holiday trips to escape from the city life and to spend quality time together. Travelling together is definitely a good way to understand Mei Chen better and build unforgettable memories.



4) What made you guys finally decide to go down the aisle?


We feel that we are ready to commit and settle down. The relationship just feels right. We enjoy our time together. We will work out any problems sensibly and do not have much disagreements.


In addition, we are comfortable with each other’s lifestyle. We both appreciate the simple things in life.  We respect one another and allow each other the space to be who we are. We are both practical persons, with  similar down-to-earth attitudes.


Even though we have gotten married just about 15 months after our first date, I believe that our shared values will continue to hold us firmly together and into our marriage life.



5) How do you think Dating Moments have made a difference in supporting your love journey?


I think it is important to have a dating agency who takes the time and effort to understand who I am and what I am looking for in a potential lifetime partner. Dating Moments has provided highly customized matching, with a personalized touch.


Love is a multi-faceted process, involving many other variables than just getting multiple dates. Knowledge gained from Date Preparatory Course offered by Dating Moments provided me with an insight on how to have the right mindset, guided me in setting the right expectations and how to better prepare myself for the date. In which, the outcome may have been very different if I were to skip this course.


Thank you Dating Moments for making a difference in my life!