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Professional Modern-Day Matchmaker Write-up Singapore

Our Founders, Jenny and Edmund Low was interviewed in Duet exclusive, where they shared about their roles as matchmakers who combine technology and a human touch.

By Jenny Ng


DATING PLATFORMS and apps are aplenty today, and they all seek to widen your social circle and make meeting new people easier than before. They are a great place to start for many singles in the mood for love. Increasingly, though, apps are becoming just a numbers game. Let’s see, does the thought of having to swipe through hundreds of profiles across multiple dating apps already make your fingers numb? Have you chanced upon many impressive and interesting individuals, only to meet with endless unrequited “right swipes”? If you can relate to the scenarios we have painted, you would understand that the challenge isn’t in the uptake or choices you get from apps. Rather, even if you go on dates through these platforms, rarely will people have the tenacity to keep in constant contact thereafter — here is always going to be a more exciting and better profile available out there.



Engaging with matchmakers really isn’t as dated as it sounds. In fact, what we do is focus on streamlining your choices and managing your dating portfolio; it’s no different from what you would expect in a business setting. It’s more akin to Human Tetris rather than a numbers game, because what we do isn’t only about finding the right fit for you, but we also make sure that you are also right for them! To do that, we strike a balance between the use of dating technology and curating dates on your behalf. We also work as your personal dating trainers. Everyone has contrasting strengths and weaknesses when it comes to dating. For example, not everybody is smooth with words during the first meet-up, and that can be easily interpreted as nonchalance. We’re also living in a demanding environment from which we can become pretty jaded and bored — another weakness that can turn people away. One of our roles, then, is to help people change attitudes, get ready and build confidence for the relationship journey.



So how do we go about doing it? Consultants at Dating Moments tap on a unique set of algorithms from which we pick and match clients. This way, we intervene instead of relying on technology to do the job for us. Having that human touch is important when it comes to understanding our client’s needs and increasing the overall success rates of the matches. Before customising activities for clients, we allow them to decide if they would like to go in “blind” or break the ice through our in-house DM chat application, which allows them to privately message each other. Some activities we have arranged include hiking or cycling outdoors, art jamming and go-karting — it never gets boring! To my hubby, Edmund, people tend to connect best during a common activity where they have ample time to communicate and primarily focus on each other.



Since starting out in 2011, Edmund and I continue to believe that there is someone out there for everyone, and this has been our mantra. What drives us is the enjoyment of bringing people together — we are always extremely happy and heartened when we hear of clients experiencing success in their love lives. It is this passion in people and relationships that propels us to want to be able to do more for singles out there!



Our clients Ming Chye and Mei Chen got hitched in March this year, and these lovebirds will attest to our methodology when it comes to matchmaking. I feel all aglow when I recall Ming Chye’s testimonial: “I think it is important to have a dating agency that takes the time and effort to understand who I am and what I am looking for in life partner. Dating Moments provided highly customised matching, with a personal touch.”


“ I have tried all various methods of widening my social network for the past year but wasn’t successful in finding anybody suitable for me.  My friends recommended me to join Dating Moments which I was really glad I listened to them. After 6 dates, I am happy to announce that I have finally found my special lady, Debbie who has the most beautiful smile in the whole world! Thank you Dating Moments!

 - Keith Tan & Debbie Chan
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