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10 tips on how to flirt

Feeling nervous about your first date or you do not know how to express your feelings to someone you are interested in? Don't worry, we got you with 10 tips on how to flirt! Keep these in mind and you'll have an amazing date. Don't be too nervous or think too much when trying to meet someone romantically. You either gain a new friend or a new partner!

Body Language

Your eye contact, lips, position of limbs and your posture are subconscious indicators to your date that you may be interested in them. Keep your eye contact when having conversations, acknowledge when they speak and avoid crossing your arms. For ladies, you can twirl your hair a little!

Paying attention Give your date full attention when they are sharing their experiences with you. Turn your phone on silent and avoid checking it. A tip to show that you’ve listened carefully is to ask them questions related to what they have shared. By paying attention, your answers and presence will become more comprehensive and meaningful as well.

Make them laugh It’s not easy to come up with jokes all the time but laughing with your date is a good way of flirting. Pay attention to your conversation and surroundings, take the chance to crack a joke when it’s appropriate. There should be moments to say something funny and keep the mood light.

Refrain from cheesy pick-up lines Be the most authentic you and have a good time with your date. Cheesy pick-up lines may come of as a turn off to some people. If many pick up lines were used, some may feel that you say it to many people before meeting them as well. Try the other tips mentioned in this post instead!

Compliment them The type of compliment that you can give varies. If they put in effort to groom themselves properly for the date, compliment their outfit. If they mentioned that they have received an award before or any achievements, you can also complement them about it.

Smile Smiling is an important thing to do when on dates, to show the other person that you are enjoying the time spent with them genuinely. Having a nice smile on is also attractive! When you’re speaking, it shows that you’re confident. When the other person is speaking, it shows that you’re paying attention. Ask questions Spend time sharing about yourself but remember to have a two-way conversation by asking questions too. This shows that you’re interested in getting to know them and not just showing off about yourself. Remember to ask appropriate questions and try to refrain from discussing about each other’s past when having a conversation

Share similar experiences Perhaps you guys can start with sharing hobbies that you like to do during your free time. From there, if you realise that they have something similar as you, it is great to share your similar experience with them as well. People are more likely to connect and bond with others who are like-minded. Have confidence Confidence is important when going on dates, so you can initiate conversations and flirt a little as well! Keep your eye contact and refrain from looking elsewhere when engaging in a conversation. Just be yourself and see how the date goes. If you guys do not click as well, then it’s fine, at least you did yourself a favour to go out and meet someone new!

Subtle touch You can try to do this only if the other party is comfortable with it. Try patting their hand subtly when they make a joke. If you are standing beside your date, you can lightly pat their back. This is an effective way to flirt and the type of action varies with different people. However, if you feel that they do not like it, do stop to prevent any misunderstandings.

We hope that these tips will help you in your next date. Most importantly, we hope you have fun and enjoy a good meal or a great day out!

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