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10 Ways to Date Yourself!

When it comes to dating, most of us would spend time and effort planning and curating a wonderful experience for someone we like. But do you know that it is also important to date yourself? Yes, you heard me! Dating yourself is a great way to develop your sense of identity, cultivate your own interests and a creative way to keep yourself happy!

If you are in a relationship, having some independent time away from your partner can help set up some healthy boundaries so both of you can continue growing as individuals. In addition, developing the art of dating yourself changes the way you feel about being single. Being single does not mean you have to be stuck at home. In fact, you have the freedom to ditch your chores, simply head out to try something new or do something you are passionate about!

Give this list a whirl and show yourself the tender loving care that you deserve!

1. Book café date

Some of us dread being seen alone in public, but it really isn’t that bad! Start by finding a nice quaint café where you can nestle yourself in a comfortable corner with a good book, a warm cup of beverage of your choice and just enjoy the afternoon of quiet reading enraptured by a mystery novel, romance literature or whatever genre that catches your fancy!

2. Makeover experience

Looking good is one of the fastest ways to instantly lift in our mood. Indulge yourself in a mani-pedi, spa or facial, and take yourself out shopping for new clothes and accessories, make-up, and skincare products. Get your stylist to help redesign a new hairdo for you. Fancy a little bit more? Splurge on an image consulting service to help you revamp your wardrobe and who knows, your life may take on a new direction with your newfound confidence!

3. Enjoy nature

Modern life has taken its toll on us, mentally, emotionally, and physically. We are almost always distracted by social media or worse, trapped in never-ending online meetings! Unplug and spend some time in nature to rejuvenate a weary mind. Engage in meditative mindfulness in the tranquil surroundings and stretch yourself out with relaxing yoga poses amongst the trees. Strapped for time? Pack your lunch to the nearest garden for a quick picnic meal while you enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

4. Hit the silver screen

Going to the movies with others almost always requires a bit of negotiation and compromise on which movie to watch. Why not enjoy a good film alone as part of your regular “me-time”? Going to the movies alone liberates you from the grid, no phone calls, text messages or social media notifications. Just sit back, relax, munch on snacks, and enjoy the show of your choice! If you are on a budget, you can do the same at home but make sure you switch off all electronic devices like you do in the theatres!

5. Culinary adventure

Whip out your chef’s hat and start cooking up a storm! Delight yourself with a homecooked meal or baked treats with your favorite recipes. Cooking and baking are therapeutic activities that allow you to express yourself creatively, provide you with a sense of comfort and empowerment in the kitchen, and allows you to nurture others with awesome food. Can’t cook? Start injecting a sense of adventure into your meals by hunting for new cuisines or restaurants to excite your taste buds!

6. Take some classes and workshops

Keep your mind active by taking up some self-development classes to improve yourself personally or professionally. Attending workshops is a fantastic way to energize yourself, feel motivated to take up new challenges and boost your confidence levels. It’s a perfect time to rethink and form new positive habits as you reflect on your newly acquired knowledge. Not only that, you get to network with people with similar interests and feel inspired by others who are experts in their own fields.

7. Journaling

Freely writing your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement is one of the most liberating experience one can have. As our day-to-day life gets more frenzied and hectic, taking time to journal helps us to destress and vent your frustrations, reflect on life, and keep track of our personal goals, dreams and ambitions. Rebalance, nurture, and explore what you really think about life and have an insightful journey into yourself.

8. Fun Exercise

We all know the benefits of exercising, but it takes discipline to commit to a training schedule. Jogging or running is one of the most accessible and affordable forms of exercise, but it can get boring quickly. Motivate yourself and track your progress with running apps, or join a community running group to ensure you keep up with your routine. Another affordable way to jazz up your workout is to schedule a variety of different types of exercise like trying out free workout classes online, going for a solo hike, cycling down the park connectors or do a quick run up your stairs instead of taking the lift when you get home!

9. Museum Trips

A great way to immerse yourself in new knowledge, history, cultures, art, and everything in between, is to book a trip to the museum. Not only are they affordable, but you also get to soak in the beautiful surroundings and interact with thought-provoking exhibits. Museums are a great way to recharge, stimulate the senses, provide you with new perspectives and help us understand ourselves better by observing the ways of the past.

10. Street combing

Travelling to somewhere new does not have to be costly or require you to take an airplane to some exotic destination. Hop onto a bus or a train, and ride down to a local area of interest that you haven’t been to before and begin walking. Observe the architecture, the people, the sights, and the sounds. Bring along a camera or a handphone, and start snapping pictures. If you are artistically gifted, start sketching or painting the scenes around you. Ask yourself why you took those photos, what makes it interesting and what was the concept behind those pictures? Answering these questions can help give you an insight to ideas that you never thought of before. Not only that, you get rewarded with works of art that you can share with your loved ones or you could even hang it up on your feature wall!

The best part of solo dating is that you get to decide everything for yourself. We hope that these ideas provided you with some inspiration but do not let it limit the things you can do! Be creative and have fun dating yourself!

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