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Dating at a Distance: How to Build a Connection Over Text

Many will agree that building a connection between two people stems from spending quality time together. However, with the measures to curb social activities and meetups, many of us may be closing ourselves off from any potential relationship ventures for the fear that a "long-distance relationship" will head nowhere.

Although making a physical connection is definitely important to building a relationship, don't limit yourself to that framework. Many have been making long-distance relationships work way before this period, and they are proof that it is possible! Now that you are unable to physically spend time together, you would most likely spend the majority of your time texting each other. Here are some tips to grow a budding relationship over text.

Keep the flow

Just like having a conversation face to face, texting is a conversation too. The flow of the conversation is crucial in maintaining a certain quality of communication. Just as in a face-to-face conversation, a break in the flow can lead to awkwardness and signal disinterest. If the ball falls on one person and he or she fails to return the pass, it can be hard to continue the conversation. Try to leave a question or comment for the other person to respond to. This will signal an interest in continuing the conversation and encourages the other party to respond.

Use emojis and stickers

Without being able to see the other person's facial expressions or hear the tone of voice, communication through text can be hard. Miscommunication can happen easily through texting. Emojis help to convey emotion and hints at the sender's tone. With the wide array of adorable stickers and GIFs now available, use them to your advantage to reinforce the tone of your message. Plus, it also works as a great way to put a smile on your text buddy's face.

Dig deep

Running out of things to talk about? Texting can quickly be worn out by pointless small talk that seem to be leading nowhere. One can only have so much to talk about their day. Take the opportunity to break down some barriers and talk about deeper topics. Ask about their opinions on bigger issues, or engage in conversation about current affairs. From this, you can deepen your knowledge about him/her and understand them better. Some people also feel more comfortable talking about difficult subjects over text than in person as it gives them time to think through their responses. It can also reduce the awkwardness factor and help both of you open up to each other.

Use compliments

Everybody loves compliments. Compliments show that you pay attention and appreciate your partner's qualities. Make your text buddy feel special with personal and genuine compliments and they just might associate that warm fuzzy feeling with you! A good compliment can also work towards escaping the proverbial friend zone. Of course, making compliments over text are harder than in person because you might not be able to compliment physical features. Come up with attributes of their personality or character that you admire in them and bring that up. A compliment to someone's personality is equally, if not more flattering, than that of a physical one.

Make future plans over text

After all that, one is bound to run out of things to talk about, especially if one is encouraged not to head out of the house except for essential purposes. Making plans together about future date ideas is a fun way to engage your love interest and get him or her excited about the future. Talk about your favourite café or outdoor activity that you enjoy and perhaps you might find some shared interest! Even better, invite him or her for an online date. A virtual date while cooking, or watching a movie together can make for an interesting date idea as well.

Make it clear

Communicating over text can lead to misunderstandings easily, as verbal and non-verbal cues of communication is not present. Texting one thing can come across as something else to the person reading the text. Be mindful of the message that you are sending in order to avoid small misunderstandings. Minute details, like how long you take to reply, can send a message to the reader about perceived interest levels. Even though you might be busy with work or stuck in a meeting and are unable to respond, do let you partner know if that is the case so they do not spend their time guessing if you have lost interest or not.

Receiving a text can feel like butterflies in the tummy, or a dreaded annoyance. With these tips, hopefully you can embark on a fruitful journey to build and strengthen a budding relationship as we go through a period of social distancing. Don't wait for a better opportunity to bond, but instead, make the best of every moment.

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