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Expanding Your Social Circle

With the restrictions that we have this year, everyone has cut back on their social interactions as we are unable to meet in big groups. In this cupids’ diary entry, we will be sharing the importance of expanding social circle and how you can do it. Humans are social beings who rely on others in our community for support mentally and emotionally.

By expanding your social network, it brings about new networks and opportunities that may be valuable to your life. You might learn something new, find out about a new job opening or even meet someone special. You will be able to meet like-minded individuals and find people who click with you. A reminder that it is always better to start off as friends first and slowly build a connection from there. There are many ways which you can expand your social circle so make use of these opportunities!

Invite your friend along It is always comforting to have someone familiar in a new place, try inviting your close friend along for a new activity you would like to try or a gathering. This will help change the dynamics of the group and it can help to boost your confidence levels. It will help you to portray yourself in a more confident manner.

Keep an open mind When trying to make new friends, it is important to keep this tip in mind and not eliminate someone too early based on a few qualities you see. It takes time and effort to fully know someone, try to hold a few conversations with them or hang out a few times before deciding if they are your kind of person. It is also important to focus on the emotional connection you have with the other party instead of judging someone based on their outer appearance. Give every friendship a chance to progress before making your decision.

Tap on your current social circle If you are single and actively looking for a match, don’t be afraid to share it with your close friends or family. They might just have someone in their social circle who is suitable for you, be open to meeting friends of friends! This is an easy way for you as well because you will already have someone you know, helping to ease you into the new friend group. Don’t be afraid to reach out to old acquaintances too, it is always nice to meet and catch up again if both parties are willing.

Seek out new interest groups If you are someone who is more shy or less outspoken, you can start off with an interest group! By hanging out with people of same interests or hobbies, you can connect with them easier. With technology today, there are many avenues to support various interest groups and communities. You can take up online courses or even join online meetups. By trying new activities out of your comfort zone, you can also increase your hobbies and interests at the same time.

Double dating

This is a fun way to explore new friendships or relationships, while keep it lighthearted! It also helps to change the dynamics of the date and keep things interesting. Having a friend can help you ease into the meet up and you will feel less nervous too. It is a good way to make new friends and expand your network but do bear in mind that it is not good etiquette to flirt with your friend’s date. Double date will be filled with fun and laughter too!

Make use of technology There are many online platforms and mobile applications for socialising, meeting new people, or catching up with your current friends. You can take the effort to explore these many possibilities of utilizing online platforms. If you are not comfortable with meeting up physically, you can try to play games, watch movies, or video call with your new friends. Additionally, you can even video call your friends and workout together, but in the comforts of your own home! You can also look for interest groups online to participate in discussions.

Remember to put in some grooming efforts to look presentable when using any of the tips above. Put on some comfortable clothes that are neat so you can still feel like yourself while looking presentable. If you are unsure of what to wear or what make up to put on, seek honest opinions from your loved ones who are supportive.

Once you have met someone new, do put in effort to stay connected with them to maintain the friendship. Willingness to try is what differentiates great friends from hi-bye friends. Don’t be afraid of making the first move and ask your friends out once in a while. If the other party do not take initiative, don’t be taken aback that they are not keen to hang out with you. Some people tend to be more shy or they may just be busy with work at the moment. Suggest a catch-up session and see where things go!

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