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Finding love on Valentine’s Day!

Feeling lonely this Valentine’s day? Here are some useful tips to help you get started on finding love in 2022!

Fall in Love with Yourself

When it comes to finding love, you must be disciplined and work smart. But that’s not enough, you have to think smart too! One of the biggest ways people hold themselves back is telling themselves that they are not good enough. They feel the need to improve themselves by losing more weight or earning more money first before starting the search for their special someone. But love is not something that you have to wait for or change your body, lifestyle or financial status to earn it.

Part of finding love is believing you are enough. By telling yourself that every day, you will start exuding this positive vibe which attracts the right person to you!

There is a difference in seeking love and being desperate for it. Often the latter causes people to drift away from you because they want to be with someone who is happy on their own and not seek validation from having someone to love them.

Start focusing on yourself and develop self-love. Once you feel fulfilled, things will begin falling into place. A useful exercise is to start listing all the things you love about yourself. It does not have to be a lengthy essay - just pick a few good qualities to highlight like “I’m independent”, or “I’m caring” and looking at it will definitely help you feel better about yourself.

Loving yourself also means setting boundaries and not allowing people to disrespect you. It also means not infringing on the boundaries of others. If you have been meek or overbearing, it’s time to make some changes so that you are on track of forming loving and healthy relationships.

Don’t mark Valentine’s day as a day where you need a man or woman, but rather a day where you share your wonderful self with someone, and the most important thing is to love yourself!

The Power of Positive Thinking

Start socializing actively and count your wins, big or small. Your brain tends to remember negative things rather than positive things. While your dating journey might feel tumultuous, it is not necessarily an accurate perspective!

Start checking your direction and write down your goals on a piece of paper. Be specific about the kind of person you are looking for and tell yourself that it’s going to happen! Believe in the power of visualization because our unconscious mind affects our thoughts, feelings and actions in subtle ways and this is proven by many successful people who have used this technique.

You can practice your visualization before you go to bed or in the morning before you start your day. Imagine and paint an imagery in your mind of the person you are with and be as specific or vague as you want. If you have trouble visualizing, ask yourself how you would feel when you are with him or her, and what can he or she provide you that no one else can? What would a perfect day be like with this person?

Another important aspect of positive thinking is to say positive things to yourself whenever you encounter a situation, instead of thinking negatively. This is called the attribution bias. When a lady or man whom you find attractive smiles at you, do not automatically assume that he or she is just being friendly and not romantically interested. It is not about brainwashing yourself but setting yourself up for success rather than failure by improving how you speak to yourself.

Take Positive Action

Successful people take action. Instead of being passive in your search, start joining dating events or matchmaking services, and you can even let your friends know that you are searching for a partner so that they can recommend someone in their sphere whom they think is potentially suitable for you.

Finding love is also about casting the widest net as you possibly can and maximizing opportunities for your love life. Know that you are not alone, there are many singles out there who feel the same on Valentine’s Day. It is a day for you to celebrate love, be it for your family or friends. So long as you invest the same amount of time and energy in your work into your love life, something amazing will happen!

Have a happy and wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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