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Having a “Child” in a Relationship

“Aww... Babe, don’t you think those pets are adorable?” I squealed excitedly as my boyfriend, San, and I walked past the Pet Lovers Centre. “Yeah! This one is licking his butt haha” San chuckled as he pointed at the adorable puppy. “Well… Babe, I’ve been meaning to ask if you want to own a pet with me” I hesitantly asked.

“We have talked about this baby, I already said n-”. Even before San could finish his sentence, I interrupted: “I know!! But I want one”. San sighed and said: “I want one too, babe… Why don’t we run through the pointers of considerations together?” I frowned as I looked at the puppy with his youthful glowing eyes staring back at me and I turned back to San and nodded. Here are some reasons why couples should own pets together. Having a pet will eliminate boredom and loneliness, particularly when one partner spends the majority of their time at home, while the other is out for work. Research has shown many health benefits associated with interacting with animals, including emotional and mental well-being, etc. SOSD Singapore’s website even has Animal-assisted activities (AAA) where they claim that interaction with “Interactions with animals can provide emotional and physical health benefits for a diverse human population… Animals have also been found to serve as a source of diversion during anxiety-provoking procedures”. Owning a pet also helps to further deepen their bond and connection with one another. The couple will be presented with a series of challenges that can enhance their teamwork and problem-solving skills. The relationship between the two will also become more serious, prompting them to envision the future of the possibility of having a child. On the other hand, below are several factors that couples should consider, before getting a pet. It can become a headache for couples when coming up with travel plans as pets can’t even feed themselves! Ok, but other than the obvious, on a serious note, pets also have feelings and they can be depressed when being alone for too long. In serious cases, some can even develop separation anxiety which will eventually affect their overall health. Another common yet important issue is money. In the case of owning a dog, the usual expenditure like food and shampoo is about $100 per month. For each grooming session, the cheapest in the market is about $70- $80, and that is just shaving. And of course, we all love to spoil our furry friends with treats and toys, which will also include costing. Last but not least, the biggest daylight robbery of them all would be the veterinary bills. OH, when you look at the bill, it will not be $100 or $200, and no, I am not talking about vaccination shots. It is a staggering $600 minimally to $$30,000 or more depending on the illness of your dog. Even purchasing the dog now in Singapore cost minimally $4000. Therefore, money is a very important issue that needs to be addressed before purchasing a pet. Of course, there are many ways to tackle these issues. With reliable and trusted pet daycare centres made available in Singapore, pet owners can travel overseas without worrying about their pets. These facilities also provide regular photo or video updates of your pet throughout the day, so that you can still feel connected to your furry friend while you’re away. Of course, choosing such services may add to more monetary burdens if you are not financially comfortable. Additionally, if your pet must be alone at home for a few hours due to certain reasons, you can either leave your TV on or play some music to alleviate their stress. Providing some form of auditory stimulation or toys can keep your furry friend occupied and contented when everyone is away from home. “Pleaseeee… Can we please have one!!” I whined as I tried to do my best puppy dog eyes on San.

“Touchwood, and what if we are not going to be together anymore? Who is going to take care of the pet? We can’t just abandon it.” San said.

I confidently replied: “Even if we really do break up, I don’t care, I call dibs on taking care of it! My pet, my responsibility.”

“Wha-? NO! It’s OUR pet!” He exclaimed.

“Well then, that’s just one more reason not to break up then! Hehe!” I winked at him and he smiled.

“Hmm… how about we make a trip down to SPCA now to find our furry friend?” he asked.

“Wait… NOW??!? Like TODAY?” I exclaimed.

“Why? Are you having cold feet now?” he said as he poked me.

“What? NO! Of course not! To SPCA we go!” I jumped, feeling ecstatic.

Shout out to all couples out there considering a pet, please do remember before purchasing a pet that pets are NOT toys for you to play and forget about. It is a huge responsibility that you have to commit to for the long term. Discuss with your partner and decide when is the right time that you and your partner will be capable of caring for a pet. Strategize your spending and savings before committing to one. Last but not least, please adopt and not shop! SOSD. (n.d.). Healing Paws. [online] Available at: [Accessed on 24th June 2023]

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