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Terms & Conditions(DM Pro-Elevate Service)

When you use, engage or join Dating Moments Pro-Elevate Service, ‘herein referred as DM Pro-Elevate Service’, you have expressly agreed to abide to all the terms & conditions stated by Dating Moments Pte Ltd (herein referred as DM).  Here, “You” is referred as the clients and/or members of DM.




• DM Pro-Elevate Service is open to those who are a minimum age of 21 years old and in good state of mind and emotional health.

• You declare that you are legally Single i.e. unmarried, widowed or divorced (for those who are separated, you are not eligible to engage this Service till the final court order or its equivalent has been granted for the dissolution of the marriage). If there is any change of your martial status, you are required to inform us in writing.

• You declare that you are mentally and emotionally well.

• You declare that you are not a bankrupt and not convicted of any crimes in Singapore and/or any other countries.

• Identification cards or other documents may be required for verification purpose. 





• All information given by you are true and accurate.

• Information provided to DM would only be used for dating/matchmaking purposes, unless otherwise required by law for release of information.  You are agreeable to release your profile details/photo to your prospective matches. A copy of your profile details will be emailed to you for your reference. 

• For facilitation of the dating activity or in case of exigencies on the actual day of meet up, DM will proceed to exchange contact number with your match. 

• All information provided to you through the DM Pro-Elevate Service shall be kept strictly private and confidential.  You would refrain from disclosing or discussing any portion of the Information with any third person or entity without our prior consent. This must be adhered to even when you are no longer a Member or Client of DM. 

• For members who are using the online platform for the ‘meet up’, there shall be no disclosure of any personal information during the online session. In the event you infringe this code of conduct, you shall be responsible for any information that you voluntarily disclose. Dating Moments would not be liable for any harm, mishaps, damages or loss as a resultant of your own disclosure. Audio/audio visual recording is NOT PERMITTED.

• DM Pro-Elevate Service is for your own personal use only. You should not use the Service in connection with any commercial endeavors, such as (i) advertising or soliciting any other of our members to buy or sell any products or services not offered by us or (ii) soliciting others to attend parties or other social functions, or networking, for commercial purposes. You should not use any information obtained from DM Pro-Elevate Service to contact, advertise to, solicit, or sell to any member without his or her prior explicit consent. We reserve the right to undertake legal action against the offender. 

• DM Pro-Elevate (Online) Users is also governed by our Privacy Policy. Please refer to our website for the Privacy Policy.




• DM Pro-Elevate work on a Membership Monthly Service Fee of $300 on a recurring basis. Membership account will be kept active as long as this Service Fee is paid. Our Service would lapse once there is a breach of payment of the Monthly Service Fee.

 •  For the first month upon registration, it will be purely for setting up the matching account and profile creation. There will not be any matching work for the first month. Search will begin from the second month onwards. We will require the set up fee and first month Membership Service Fee ($600) payment in order to start a matching account with DM. Deduction of the Monthly Service Fee of $300 will be on the 1st of every month, starting from the third month upon registration.

• DM would proceed to propose a prospective match if there is a fulfilment of 60-70% of your requirements. You are required to inform us whether you will accept and decline the match within 5 days. 

 • Once a profile is accepted and he/she is agreeable to meet up with you, there will be a $150.00 Successful Match Introduction Fee chargeable for every match (unless otherwise stated) and this is payable within 3 days.
• Upon payment of the Successful Match Introduction Fee, in the event you decide not to go ahead with the date or we do not hear from you on the arrangement of dates within 7 working days, the Successful Match Introduction Fee will be forfeited and there will not be any refund.
• In the event that you are not able to mutually agree on a time/location for an actual meeting to take place with your match within 2 working weeks, DM reserves the right to proceed with the date via the facilitation of exchange of contact numbers or arrangement of a Online Session instead.
• The Membership Monthly Service Fee and Successful Match Introduction Fee is purely for our matchmaking fees and does not include any other direct/indirect costs incurred for the date i.e. personal expenses, charges imposed by external service providers etc.                                                                                   

• When you participate in any of our dating events and you would like us to reach out to your potential interest for a 1-1 date, you would be responsible for all the date expenses in the event your potential interest accepts the date invite. 
• You may at any point of time pause/cancel the subscription of the Membership Service Fee by giving us One Month Notice. You are required to submit a written notice to of your request.  There will not be any pro-ration of the Membership Service Fee or refund. You may enjoy the Services till the end of that monthly term.
• DM Pro-Elevate Service is for your sole and personal use. You are not allowed to authorize, assign or transfer your matching account to any other person or entity to any other person or entity.
• You acknowledge and agree to assume all risks and responsibilities for any loss or damage arising from the use of this Service. Dating Moments shall not be held liable for any injuries, accidents, expenses and liabilities suffered/incurred by the participants or claims of any sort arising from the provision and execution of any dating services.

• DM Members are to adhere proper code of conduct and not to harass, threaten, defame, hurl abuses, not limiting to these, to other DM members, clients and employees of DM. In the event if any of the DM clients infringes this code of conduct, his/her Service would be suspended or terminated immediately. DM reserves the final right to take legal actions against the offender.

• Acceptance of a  Online Session instead of an Actual Meeting would be deemed as a fulfillment of the date arrangement.

•  “No Show” during DM Meetme Actual Meeting/Online Session (15 minutes grace period is given provided that your date is agreeable), it would be deemed as a fulfillment of the date arrangement and the Date Fee will not be refunded.
• When there is “No Show” of your date during Actual Meeting/ Online Session, we would not be held liable for any losses, damages or liabilities resulting from this. However, we will search for a new prospective match for you. In the event that you do not receive a new prospective match within a month, we will refund you the Date Fee.

• DM reserves the right to reject the provision of this Service for whatever reason, to anyone.

• DM reserves the right to amend, modify or change any of the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. In terms of any disputes, DM reserves the right to have the final say.




•    All prices shown are Nett and in SGD Dollars. Payment can be made via Credit Card. 

• Once we have confirmed receipt of your payment, we will send a confirmation email to you.

• There will be 3 calendar days of cooling off period.  Should you wish to terminate the DM Pro-Elevate Service within the cooling period, a written notice must be given to us. Refund will be made after deduction of $100 administrative fee. There will be strictly NO REFUND after the cooling period.

• If your usage of the DM Pro-Elevate Service is terminated because of a breach of this Agreement, all your fees will be immediately forfeited.




You agree that you are and shall remain solely responsible for the contents of any submissions you make, and you will not submit material that is unlawful, defamatory, misleading abusive, obscene or offensive. You agree that you will not submit anything to the Online Platform that will violate any right of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy or other personal or proprietary right(s).

Dating Moments reserves the right to delete or ban any Contents posted by users which might be false, misleading, offensive, abusive, defamatory, obscene or illegal etc. When deemed necessary, Dating Moments may reserve the rights to terminate the Services (without any refunds) and take up legal actions for those who violate this provision.


The following is a partial list of Contents that is not allowed:


• Contents that are illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, intimidating, harassing, hateful, racially, or ethnically offensive, or instigate or encourage conduct that would be illegal, or otherwise inappropriate, including promoting crimes.

• Contents that contains video, audio photographs, or images of another member without his or her permission

• Contents that requests money from, or is intended to otherwise defraud, other members of the Service.

• Contents that promotes illegal activities, not limiting to these, such as posting an unauthorized copy of another person's copyrighted work, providing pirated computer programs/ links, providing information to circumvent manufacture installed copy-protect devices, or providing pirated music/ links to pirated music files etc

• Contents that solicits passwords or personal identifying information for commercial or unlawful purposes from other members.

• Contents that publicizes or promotes commercial activities and/or sales without our prior written consent such as contests, sweepstakes, barter, advertising, and pyramid schemes.




The information you provide in this Registration Form is to enable Dating Moments to register and contact you about:

• the provision of applicable dating services;

• carry out administrative and planning activities for the dating arrangements;

• plan and develop future activities and opportunities;

• facilitate the requirements in relation to the dating arrangements;

• allow the compilation and analysis of statistics relevant to the dates arranged

(Hereinafter, all the above would be referred to collectively as “Dating Purposes”)


By submitting your Registration Form, you:

• have read, understood and consent to the above provisions.

• represent and warrant that you are the user and/or subscriber of the contact information provided by you in this form;

• consent that your personal data may be disclosed by DM to its third party service providers, agents or collaborators, for one or more of the above Dating Purposes, as such third party service providers, agents or collaborators, if engaged by DM, would be processing your personal data for one or more of the above Dating Purposes.

• consent that your personal data may be disclosed by DM to other members to facilitate any dating arrangements for one or more of the above Dating Purposes.

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