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Are the Both of you Apart?

This is a very common question that we get from our readers so we hope that the following sharing would help to identify some common signs that may be indicative that you need to work on pulling your significant half back to your side;

Time To Reconnect!

1) Communication Is Going Downhill It is understandable that as a couple spend more and more time together, it is almost impossible to keep the flow of conversation on-going. However, it becomes a dangerous signal when the topics that you guys talk revolve around the daily, mundane habitual stuffs instead of fulfilling and meaningful conversations.

When you find that your partner is not listening to you or stop communicating and turns to another person for advice or support, the RED light is on!

2) Lack Of Involvement In Each Other’s Life In the beginning of a relationship, a couple would normally spend a lot of time doing things together and involve each other in their daily activities. However, as a relationship grows, one may slowly change as they develop new interests, meet new friends and seek new perspective or priorities in life etc. hence it is inevitable that both of you might ‘grow out’ of each other!

Therefore, if you find that your partner becomes more self-absorbed in their life and seems happier doing things without you, do pay heed to this warning sign and get into action!

3) Too Obliging Another obvious sign that both of you are drifting apart is when you find that your partner readily accepts anything that you said or do. For e.g. a last minute cancellation of a meet up is fine or when there is a difference in opinions, your partner would just oblige and no longer “argue” with you etc.

“When your partner behaves in a way that is too good to be true, don’t be too happy as you are actually standing on the tip of the iceberg!”

4) Diminishing Acts of Affection If you find that the usual little gestures of affection for e.g. holding hands, making calls or even concerns for your whereabouts is no longer displayed, you might need to watch out! Normally, when a couple drifted apart, they might stop showering concerns and affection towards one another.

Guys, do take some time to assess the condition of your relationship. Even if you experience some of the above-mentioned signs, do not panic as it can be a ‘temporary’ phase (for e.g. your partner is having a bad patch in life or rushing to meet a deadline of a project etc.), so don’t come to a conclusion too fast!

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