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What is the True Meaning of True Love?

Updated: May 26, 2023

Most of us know what love is. It comes in many forms, but the one we truly seek is true love, and that’s our end goal. Now here’s the tricky part, true love is not defined but interpreted, with each interpretation inspired by media you are being exposed to on a regular basis. The more you consume different interpretations of love, you start to form your own version of love and may be unrealistic. So, what is the meaning of true love then?

There are more people out there who think true love is more of a happily-ever-after affair. Boy meets girl in café, they walk by each other, the girl then drops her books, the boy picks it up for her, and they both stare into each other’s eyes, subsequently falling in love. As beautiful of a meeting circumstance as that sounds, it is still unrealistic.

Then what is realistic love then? We at Dating Moments believe that “love at first sight” does not exist, it is just a synonym for the word “infatuation”. True love takes time, and it is not something perfect, a powerful promise unchanging in an everchanging climate. There are bound to be arguments and bitterness, but true love is the ability to look past the things you hate because you love that person more than you hate what they do. That is our interpretation of true love.

So how do you look for true love?

Well, we believe the source of true love can come from anywhere. You may find that the way you find someone you really like is really through doing simple things together, and we really mean anywhere! You can meet someone you really like at work or school, and it is not just limited to these.

We also believe that the key thing is to let love be free. While it is okay to have certain criterion when looking for someone you love, it is not healthy for you to completely be fixated on finding someone with someone who matches your criteria completely, because odds are you may be disappointed by the number of people who actually fit your criteria. Instead, keep your criteria flexible and be open to meeting new people. Don’t completely shut someone out because they just don’t fit your criteria, give them a chance, that equates to giving yourself a chance too! Who knows? You may find that you like that person despite their flaws.

In Conclusion

True love is not something that is perfect. In fact, it is the union of 2 imperfect people to create the best future possible. The path to the envisioned future is fraught with challenges and obstacles, but true love is remaining committed to your partner in completing that walk to the future of your dreams. It is a tree that does not bear fruit till near the tail end of your life. You may think that you won’t need to find love because there are no suitable partners out there, however, is life not more rewarding and fulfilling having someone to make every day easier and more bearable for you?

If you find that you don’t know where to start looking for true love, let us help you find it! Join our 1 to 1 matchmaking services! Our goal is to completely understand your interpretation of true love and help you find it. Drop us a message on our contact us page if you are interested! Let us be the ones to kickstart and drive your love life!

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