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Dating Apps: Yay or Nay?

Dating apps are a fun and convenient way for many busy singles to search for their special someone. With the click of a button and a swipe, you can quickly filter out profiles and instantly link up with someone over instant messaging. It can even provide a much-needed confidence boost when a stranger likes your profile, starts complimenting you and engages you in a flirty banter.

Increasingly more people are finding their life partners online so, is there anything not to like about dating apps? Turns out there are some less favorable aspects of dating apps and we explore how personalized matchmaking services can help supplement your dating needs in today’s modern world.

Quality of the dating pool

While we know that there are those who set-up profiles on dating apps with genuine intentions, many others join the apps with other motives because the barriers to entry are very low and there is no need for users to be identified or screened. As serious daters, weeding out such profiles can be tiresome, and it can dampen the spirits of someone looking for true love. And if you do encounter someone who are not truthful about themselves, the overall dating experience can be disheartening and demoralizing.

Matchmaking services can help provide the first level of screening in the process by spending one-on-one time with the single to determine what they are looking for. Accredited agencies also verify the identity and marital status upfront should he or she sign up for the service. Proper introductions also ensure you know who you are meeting first, before turning up for the date and fees deter individuals who not intent on finding someone special.

Taking the first step

Making a real connection with just photos and words can be extremely challenging and you may get burnt out at the end of the day when all you get are non-committed replies and meaningless conversations that don’t lead anywhere. Instant connections fizzle out fast because everyone is so overwhelmed with endless options that you don’t make any real decisions to follow up with anyone! There is an inherent culture to keep looking because the next best thing might be right round the corner.

Having a matchmaker handpick your date after speaking to you will make the first step much easier. This makes the process of meeting someone potential less cumbersome and can help you to get started on actually meeting new contacts without the hassle of continually responding to profiles online. Not only that, there is an independent party curating the match for you as it provides a much-needed human touch compared to just relying on impersonal computer algorithms.

Stress-free experience

Regular usage of such dating apps may cause heightened anxiety or distress. You may face frequent rejections and get constantly reminded of the competition out there. Although we may know that the profile information may be falsified, we can’t help but compare ourselves with other more attractive individuals thereby eroding self-esteem over time.

In addition, the drudgery of constantly following up on stream of messages from online profiles can be time-consuming and a chore when the conversation stalls without leading to anything significant. Your photo and personal information are also widely available on the internet which can infringe on your privacy.

The matchmaking process can ease some of the stress and fill in the gap for our singles dating needs in today’s busy and modernized world. Once you set out your preferences after discussing with your consultant, you can just forget about it and let your matchmaker do the work for you! All you have to do is turn up for your date and just enjoy the process!

In conclusion, matchmaking is definitely not outdated or old-fashioned contrary to popular belief and in fact, a trusted matchmaking agency will be good supplement to the singles of today’s modernized world.

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