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Dating Tips for Divorcees

Divorce can be one of the most stressful events that a person can go through in life. Believe it or not, it can be as traumatic as other major life events such as death of a loved one or experiencing a health crisis!

The end of the marriage can represent failure for some of us and we may suffer quietly from stigmatization at times. Not only that, we might even blame ourselves and question whether we are truly deserving of love!

These are indeed very challenging circumstances for divorcees who are considering a return to the dating scene so in this article, we explore some dating advice and tips that will enable you to lead the healthy and happy dating life that you deserve!

Develop a healthy mindset about dating and relationships

Some groundwork definitely has to be done before you start dating after a divorce. Apart from working through the sadness and grief, one of the crucial first steps involve adopting a healthy attitude towards yourself as a divorcee, and updating your view of love and relationships.

Divorce, like many challenges in life, can bring about growth in a person and it does not necessarily have to signify the end of your love life. In fact, being in a loving relationship can spur a person to blossom in many positive ways and it would not be beneficial for you to deny yourself of the opportunity to be in a relationship again.

While society may uphold and espouse many wholesome values about lifelong marriages, the reality is, many relationships do come to an end for reasons that are usually beyond the control of the two parties and sometimes, it is part and parcel of the natural death of a good relationship.

What do we mean by this? A romantic relationship between two people is usually formed when there is a fulfilment of needs on both sides, with complementary characteristics and circumstances. In addition, the capacity of both individuals to weather stress that occurs naturally in relationships, helps to sustain the relationship.

However, any of these factors can change and the best efforts by both parties are sometimes not sufficient to hold the relationship together. We should learn to embrace these changes, especially within our modernized society as human needs continue to evolve in complex ways.

Being open and transparent