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Freshen up the Sweetness & Romance of your Relationship!

Especially in today’s world where time just never seems to be enough, not enough to cope with everything from your family, work, friends, leisure, lifestyle etc. Very often as a result, romance in your relationship takes a beating simply because one is probably just too busy and drained to freshen up your relationship with Sweet Romance!

Sweetest Overload 😍

The Good news is we are going to try and assist our readers to continuously inject Romance in our relationships, not to mention having to add a tinge of Sweetness to it as well.These are really no-frills ideas, just need you to put some effort into it, let us start with the easiest one shall we;

(1) Go on a Date!

Yes, it is that simple, it doesn’t have to be an extravagant date or one that lasts for a long time but rather it has to be done regularly. Set aside at least a Date Night every single week where the both of you just spend time with each other only. It can be going for a movie, relaxing by the beach, a stroll at a nearby park or dinner at your favorite cafe. If you have more time to spare, travel overseas or opt for a stay-cation at a local getaway venue. Remember that the rule of thumb is to balance both Quality as well as Quantity in terms of the dates.

(2) Sense of Touch

When was the last time you hug your love one from behind or gave him/her a light kiss before having breakfast and wishing them a ‘Good Morning’ before rushing off for work? If all these really sound very foreign to you except for during the 1st three months into getting married then you are really missing out a lot in romance. The sense of touch is always a very special way for couples to reconnect the romance in their relationship and for those loving couples out there, we are sure you understand what we are talking about. Here is another interesting tip for you, try giving your partner a foot massage one day after they are back from work and just see whats their reaction. This is although such a small gesture of touch, it would instantly reignite the love once more!

(3) Show your Appreciation

This is Extremely Important! Everybody likes to feel appreciated for what they have done for you and you can easily show your appreciation through very simple means such as just saying two words; ‘Thank You’. If you know that your partner has been contributing a lot to your relationship whether in terms of taking care of the family daily needs; working hard outside to bring home the dough etc, remember to recognize his/her efforts by preparing little gifts or writing little ‘Thank you’ notes and placing it under their pillow or on the fridge.

Hope the above recommendations would help to freshen up your relationship with an added boost of Sweetness & Romance, just like it has helped to keep our relationship lovely.

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