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Its Never Too Old To Be Romantic

When it comes to romancing your partner, there is never an age to say that you are too old for it. Hope this light-hearted story would bring a smile to your face.

Age is Just a Number when it comes to Romance!

Dad and Mum just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. One night, they were having a coffee together in the living room and started to chat about their old days when they were together. Dad got very excited and decided to “re-enact” the old days to make it “yesterday once more”. He insisted on having a ‘date’ to meet on the secret bridge they used to go when they were dating even though mum thought it was quite silly and finally acceded to Dad’s request.

The next morning, Dad woke up at 6 am and headed to a nearby hawker centre and bought two packets of Mee Hoon and Soya Milk. Then he hurried to the secret meeting place and waited for Mum to come. But Dad ended up in disappointment as Mum never showed up even after sunset.

Dad went home angrily. He opened the door and saw Mum sitting on the sofa reading a book. He was really puzzled and fuming at the same time and questioned:

“Why didn’t you come to our date?!!”

Mum put down her book and replied shyly:

“My mother didn’t allow me to go out………she said I need to study…” 😂

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