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Meeting The Parents For The 1st Time

Whenever your dating partner suggest for you to meet his/her parents, Congratulations! It simply means that they are serious about this relationship and wishes to Progress further! Please take some time to properly prepare for this meetup as this could have a huge impact on the both of you. Let us provide some quick 'shortcuts' for our dear readers;

Family Matters!

1) Groom Yourself & Dress Appropriately

It is extremely important to make a good impression on the 1st meeting with the parents! Even though you may have ‘conquered’ the prince or princess, you must also make the effort to impress their parents. Groom yourself and make yourself presentable.

For Guys, it is advisable to give yourself a shave and haircut. Dress appropriately to show that the meeting is of Great Importance to you. Though shorts and tattered t-shirts may sound relaxing, but save that after you have ‘WON’ them over!

For Ladies, just a simple dress or top with a nice pair of jeans. Put on some light make-up and avoid clothes which are too revealing or over-elaborate. Parents usually prefer the ‘Girl-Next-Door’ look rather than the ‘Next Top Model’ look. Of course, how you dress would also be dependent on the meeting venue and type of activity chosen.

2) Maintain Politeness and Friendliness

Acknowledge and greet them when you meet them for the first time. Always smile and be friendly at all times. Maintain eye contact during conversations and show genuine interest in knowing them better, let it come right from your heart!

Having good table manners are also important. Do not start the meal without asking them to eat i.e. a simple “伯父伯母吃, Bon Appetit or Enjoy” would be sufficient. Offer to serve them food and refill drinks whenever necessary. All these gestures, though little, would let you ‘Score Points’ on their dashboard.

3) Get to Know the Parents Crash Course

It is best that you do your Homework before the meeting the parents. Have your partner ‘prep’ you on the family culture and give you insights on his/her parents’ personalities & interests so that you would be able to know what are the ‘SAFE’ topics to talk with them.

One of the All-Time Favourite moves is to check beforehand on what the parents like and bring it as a gift to them, remember “It’s One gift for Each of them!”. It will be a great topic to start with and will certainly break the ice between the both of you!

Last but not least, you just need to relax and be yourself (i.e. be your ‘GOOD’ self) during the first meeting. Be sincere as well as respectful and you would win them over in no time. Keep your fingers crossed my friends!

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