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The 4 Relationship Stages

As you embark on the lovely journey in 2019 to find your special someone, have you ever wondered how does a relationship develop? Well, normally a relationship would go through 4 stages before one would finally bond and commit with the Right One. Read on to find out more about these 4 stages;

Which Relationship Stage Are You At?

Stage 1 – Infatuation

This is the stage when the couple has a strong attraction with one another and loads of affection as well as attention are showered on each other. It is also the perfect and ideal stage as there are hardly any conflicts during this period. Most of their differences would be overlooked by each other. It is also the stage when the couple basically ‘survive’ on the presence of one another.

Stage 2 – Negotiation

After a while, the relationship settles down and the initial immense attraction is no longer as strong as before. For this stage, it is the most challenging and enduring period for the couple. This is the time when reality sets in as the couple becomes more rational and begins to identify the differences between them.

Cold wars may occur as conflicts increase. This is when the couple may experience some power struggle as they try to make each another understand and accept their view points. However, once the couple is able to work towards their differences, their relationship would be brought to the next level.

Inevitably, this is the most crucial period of the relationship as they work towards a common conflict resolution ground which is essentially the building blocks of a strong and lasting relationship.

Stage 3 – Stability

At this stage, the relationship is stabilized to a certain extent. The couple works with one another as a good team player as they continue to explore their differences further. This is also the time when the couple may evaluate each other’s attributes in a more practical way to see if they would be suitable as a life partner for each other.

However, this is also the ‘comfort’ period when the couple may get a little complacent over the status of the relationship and start to take each other for granted. Hence it is important for couple to continue to grow and nurture the relationship further.

Stage 4 – Commitment

Congratulations to you when you have reach this stage! This is the stage when both of you have made a CHOICE to be with one another for a lifetime! A BIG PAT on both of your back!! 😍

But do remember as you guys begin a new chapter in life with one another, do continue to nurture and instill some romance in the relationship once in a while!

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