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The 5 Languages of Love

If you have read the book by Gary Chapman on the 5 Languages of Love, you would understand the importance of knowing your Partner's Love Language and how it helps in your communication towards them. If you haven't, let us highlight some of the key learning about the Love Languages;

❤ What is your Love Language? ❤

1) Words of Affirmation

Here, the things that your partner SAYS matters. You feel most loved and appreciated when your special someone express how grateful and thankful they are when you do things for them. Words of encouragement, acknowledgment and recognition of your efforts certainly mean more than any other things that your partner do!

2) Acts of Service

For those who has this Love Language, what your special someone DO for you is utmost importance. You feel most loved when your special someone lends his helping hand for you. It can be a simple act of making a cup of drink, preparing the bath, a massage or even helping out on the household chores for you!

3) Receiving Gifts

You feel most loved when your special someone gives you gifts or other tangible goods to express their love for you. It may be something small or inexpensive form of gifts but it is the thoughts and efforts behind the gifts that your partner put in whilst preparing that touches you.

4) Quality Time

You feel loved when your special someone gives you full, undivided attention and spend time alone with you. Here, your partner’s presence as in ‘being really there’ would be the best form of expression of their love to you.

5) Physical Touch

You feel most loved when your special someone expresses their love through affectionate physical touch.

Your definition of love language would be plentiful of hugs, pats on the back, holding hands, and other thoughtful touches.

We are sure after reading through the above, you will find that these actions are not difficult to do – it is just a simple thing that you SAY or DO to make that special someone feel loved and appreciated, so why not start today??

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