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The little things that matter in a relationship

Cupid strikes us and we fall in love. But what happens afterwards? Very often, we begin to take our partners for granted. The little things that we used to do for them begin to slip away, and sometimes it can start to insidiously erode the foundation of your relationship! Like anything in life, love does not fall into your lap and it makes perfect sense to continually work hard on our relationships for the people that truly matter to us! Here’s a look at the little things that matter in a relationship:

Maintaining a sense of humour

As insignificant as it may seem, humour is vital to the success of a relationship. It doesn’t matter whether you have a similar sense of humour as your partner, but it’s definitely important that both of you have it and adopt the mindset of having fun in the relationship. Not only is laughter the best medicine, it is also one of the finest ingredients you can add to your relationship. Couples that laugh together, stay together!

Respect and kindness

Overfamiliarity with our partner can lead to us being sloppy and careless in the way we speak to them; however, our loved one definitely does not deserve this! It is important to pepper daily conversations with “please” and “thank you”, add in compliments and words of appreciation for the little things that they do for you. Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of being valued in relationships?

Lending your listening ear

Our busy lives tend to take a toll on things that really matter to us. When we are strapped for time, the first thing we often forgo is time to listen to the people who love us. We are, unfortunately, all guilty of that. Partners who do not keep a pulse on the daily happenings of their partners’ lives tend to grow apart, and listening is one of the most important way to convey your love for your partner. It is this ability to empathise and respond in loving ways when your partner is experiencing difficulties in life that sustains the emotional connection between the both of you.

Learn something new about your partner

We think we know everything about our partner inside out, but this tendency to assume is often the beginning of the end of a relationship. Intimacy is built up quickly in the initial stages of the relationship but once a certain level is achieved, we tend to stop there. Unbeknownst to us, intimacy can fade with time because your partner changes and grows with time as well! It is dangerous to believe that the person you fell in love with many years ago, is the same one you are with at this moment. Schedule regular deep conversations with your partner to find out more about his or her childhood years, the most special moments in life and what inspired them recently? You may be surprised at what you hear and perhaps, you might even start falling in love all over again!

In conclusion, relationships, like the term suggests, function like ships that require constant steering and navigation in the choppy waters of the ocean of life. Life brings us surprises, big and small, pleasant or nasty, and those unexpected events can create upheaval in a couple’s lives. Be a wise captain, look after your crew and ensure your ship sails away from the dangerous rocks and towards the beautiful evening sunset!

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