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Time To Look & Feel Good!

The holiday season is approaching as we are coming to the year end.. so in the midst of preparing all the gifts and celebrations, do not forget to “Maintain” yourself to LOOK and FEEL good!

Here are some simple tips that you can pick up to benefit you both physically and mentally:

1. Drink Plenty Of Water

Yes, Bottoms Up!! It is amazing how this simple fluid can do so much good to our bodies! It is recommended that we drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Drinking enough water actually keeps our body healthy and hydrated. It also improves our complexion! So make sure that you always have a filled glass of water placed on your work desk or bedside table and ensure you are drinking from time to time!

2. Get Sufficient Sleep At Night

As simple as that, LIGHTS OFF early!

This is an age-old advice for everyone, especially in Singapore! A recent study found that Singapore was the third-most sleep deprived city, our average sleeping hours are 6.5 hours every night which is definitely not ideal! Experts recommend that a person gets 8 hours of sleep every night. This is very important as our bodies needs to rest and recuperate during the night time to get ready for the next day activities! And also, getting sufficient rest will also get rid of those unflattering dark eye circles you have been trying to cover up!

3. Get your Body Moving! Exercising actually increases the amount of endorphins in your body, which makes you feel happier and less stressed out! No matter whether it is running, cycling or just brisk walking in the park, as long as you get yourself moving, it would be beneficial to you! After all, regular exercise would give you a healthy flush on your skin, making you look more radiant on dates. It also strengthens your immune system, which makes you healthy on the inside and outside!

4. Meditate

Besides working out physically, it is good to train for your mind! In today’s context, we have multiple channels of entertainment and have many sources of distractions, so it would be good to set aside 20 – 30 minutes a day to meditate and listen to your own thoughts! It would also help to clear your head after a chaotic day at work. Well, one of the way you can do it is meditate after a rigorous workout and you would feel more refreshed after that! Just get comfortable, find somewhere quiet, and embrace the silence.

5. Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

Watch your intake and increase your dosage of GREENS! After all, eating healthily is the best way to get a healthy body! Getting the right nutrients for your body would strengthen your immune system as well as benefit your skin! Experts recommend that it is ideal to have a variety of bright coloured fruits and vegetables to add to your daily diet.

6. Spend More Time With Friends And Family

Last but not least, spend time with your loved ones! I have seen way too many people around me spend too much time in their jobs! Remember that your life does not just revolve around Work! Do keep a work-life balance and spend more time on building up fulfilling relationships with your family and your close friends! Having the love and support from your loved ones will make you feel less stressed and alone.

We hope these tips would help you be mentally & physically fit and be ready for the holiday seasons! Of course, do maintain these throughout the year so that you would FEEL and LIVE Better!

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