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An introvert's guide to socializing

Part of starting out on your dating journey is to begin honing your social skills with friends first and widening your social circle so that you can maximize your chances of encountering the right one. As an introvert, it can be difficult or exhausting to continually keep up with the people around you when you prefer to spend time alone. So here are some quick and easy strategies for you to be more social as an introvert!

Be aware that everyone has different friendship needs

People make friends in different ways. Some prefer to have a few close friends, while others prefer to have lots of casual friends. There are people who do not like to have close friends but prefer to have activity-based friends and confide only in their own family. Pay attention to the friendship patterns of the person you would like to get to know and factor that whether their friendship preferences would be compatible with you.

Set social rituals you can maintain

Work and life can get busy, and you may come up with excuses not to socialize after a busy week. But as you are naturally less inclined on socializing, it is best to schedule some rituals into your routine. For example, you can spend an hour a week following up with people you are familiar with and get to know new people once a month. The benefit of doing this is that you get to spend the rest of your time feeling assured that you are not neglecting the people and friendships in your life.

Another good way to keep up a routine is to join an activity club or interest group that holds regular events that you can join. This will help to ensure you are working on your social life proactively.

Keep your social groups alive

A lot of introverts have singular friends which can be hard to follow up with. By introducing your individual friends to each other, your social life will take on a life of its own as your friends would start to make plans on their own to socialize with one another. If you already have a few groups, continue to nurture new ones and keep reaching out on a regular basis.

Nothing in life comes for free and that includes social connections you have in your life. Be proactive, and work hard on cultivating your social network!

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