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10 Conversation Topics You Can Use During A Date

Not being sure about what to say during a date is very much normal, and yes, there will be moments where there will be an awkward silence, all because you may not know what to say and this goes exactly the same for your date partner. Fret not, here are 10 questions you can ask your date and strike up a good conversation with them.

1. How has the past week(s) been for you?

Let’s start off with the most important question to ask. You may not know, they may have had a rough day or week leading up to your date, so it is not only comforting to your date that you ask how have they been, but it is very much a polite thing to do.

2. What is your current profession? Is it your dream job?

This is a good question to ask to know your date’s profession, one of the key things to know when you are getting to know someone. Asking your date whether it is their dream job will let you understand the aspirations of your date. Both questions are very good at helping you understand your date’s interests, as well as provide for a very engaging conversation.

3. What are some of your hobbies?

This is an important question to ask as this would allow you to find similar interests with your date, in terms of the things that both of you like to do. Who knows? The more similarities that both of you have, the easier it is for you to plan the future date, location and date activity!

4. Would you like to share any plans for yourself in the future?

With this question, you will be able to find out what kind of ideal future your date pictures for himself/herself. It will be an engaging conversation topic if he or she wants to share this information with you. However, this question is still personal on some level, so if your date does not want to share this information with you, don’t need to press them for an answer or feel depressed about it. It just shows that your date is not comfortable with you at that level of communication yet.

5. Do you like the food/drinks here?

Food is always the catalyst of an engaging conversation. Being a very versatile topic, the conversation can go very far, for a very long time, so hit off the topic of food by asking your date whether he/she likes the food or drinks at your date location. You can follow up on his/her response with your opinion on the food/drinks, or you can recommend other amazing places to bring your date to which serves similar cuisines.

6. Do you like movies? Which genre do you like?

Now we move into the more fun questions to ask. By asking your date this question, you will know his/her movie genre preference. Getting to know your date’s movie genre preferences will start an engaging conversation if you like the same genre as them.

7. What is your favourite song or artiste?

This question will allow you to get to know your date’s preferences for music. If they like the same music or artistes as you, the both of you could be singing or humming the same tune or even dance to the same era of music.

8. Where is your favourite place to go when you were young?

Singapore is a small country, so you may encounter having the same place you loved to go - when you were still young, similar to your date. Even if your favourite place is not his/her favourite place, you can still take this chance to reminisce in the past, share with your date all these lovely memories and perhaps even offer to bring him/her there to experience it themselves.

9. What is the next holiday destination spot that you would love to travel to and what do you want to experience there?

A good question to ask if you want to know what your date’s travel itinerary is like whenever he or she goes overseas. Does your date become a Shopaholic? A Photographer, or a Historian? By asking this question, you will be able to know whether your date’s vacation style matches yours.

10. What is one thing you would like to learn, but never had the time to do it?

A great question to ask to see what would your date like to learn, so the next date that is being planned could involve this learning aspect which is much more meaningful and interesting to be going for.

The most important thing to take note of during a date is be confident and go with the flow of the date. These questions are mainly the ones you may want to ask when you and your date run out of topics to talk about. Try to be spontaneous when you ask questions or come up with topics to talk about, look to your surroundings for inspiration, for example, ask your date whether he/she likes coffee or tea when you pass by a cafe. A successful date is after all, when your date feels comfortable and happy enough to agree to the next one. Good luck!🤞

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