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Millennials and Gen-Zs: Differences in Dating and Relationships

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Millennials and zoomers are often lumped together as the ‘younger generation’. In reality, their age range spans across a few decades as millennials include those born between 1981 and 1996 and zoomers include those born between 1997 and 2012. It is not surprising for them to have significant differences in the way they act and think.

Millennials grew up as technology and social media developed while zoomers were born into a digital age. In the workplace, millennials tend to prefer collaboration and while zoomers value independence. Zoomers also tend to be more pragmatic than millennials. It seems quite clear that millennials and zoomers do differ in various ways. But are they also different in the way they date and handle romantic relationships?

Although both millennials and zoomers use dating applications, they seem to take on different approaches to online dating. The usual online dating journey for millennials involves matching, chatting, then meeting up after just one to two weeks. This process is relatively longer for zoomers as they are embracing slow dating, where they take their time to get to know others they meet online, before meeting them in real life.

We also found that millennials and zoomers differ in terms of their attitudes towards gender and sexuality. Zoomers are more gender-fluid and heteroflexible. They tend to discuss gender and sexuality more openly and are more interested in self-exploration, understanding their individual love languages and attachment styles as compared to millennials.

Additionally, for the more pragmatic zoomers, who are the most globally connected generation, the concept of soulmates is less appealing. The majority do not believe in ‘finding the one’ but instead believe that relationships only work when they put in effort. In contrast, the influence of romantic comedies, and the examples set by their parents have led millennials to buy into the concept ‘finding the one’.

Interesting findings don’t you think? With just a few decades apart, millennials and zoomers behave and act quite differently when it comes to dating and relationships. We wonder how the younger ones, in Gen-Alpha, would be like when they reach the ages to start dating.

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