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Interesting Dating Terms You Should Know About

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

With technology and the influence of pop culture, interesting dating terms have spread through the net. We will be diving into dating slang among youngsters which you should know about, take some notes so you’ll know what all these terms mean!

Number one: Ghosting

Ghosting is a trend that can be frequently observed when youngsters date. It refers to ignoring the calls and texts of someone you are dating and disappearing from their life suddenly.

Number two: Woke-fishing

Woke-fishing refers to the act of appearing more progressive than you actually are, to get on the good side of someone you are interested in. You might pretend to have the same political views or care about social issues which matter to the person you are interested in.

Number three: Love-bombing

Love-bombing, is a manipulative act where one showers their partner excessively with gifts, affection and attention. This often occurs at the start of relationships. Over time, people who love-bomb may drop the facade and show their true colours.

Number four: Eclipsing

Eclipsing refers to pretending to like things that your partner does, to build a connection even though you do not actually enjoy them. Over time, you may lose your identity and even take on your partner’s personality characteristics. In the long run, relationships affected by eclipsing may not end well.

Number five: Groundhogging

Groundhogging is when you are repeatedly attracted to and date the same type of person, while expecting different results every time. In reality, you may often end up being disappointed and go through the same issues time and again.

Number six: Netflix and chill

This phrase does not literally mean to watch Netflix and relax. You can use ‘Netflix and chill’ to arrange dates, or to express interest in another person. Netflix and chill dates involve stay-at-home dates which tend to end up in physical intimacy.

Number seven: Kanye’d

Coined after an American rapper named Kanye West, who is known for being egotistical, this phrase refers to situations where your date does not stop talking about themself, and prevents you from participating in the conversation.

Yeah that sums up some of the dating lingo used by young people nowadays. Catch you later in our next entry. Hehe bye.

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