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Dating for Young Adults Today

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

The dating scene is ever-changing as generations after generations are influenced by evolving cultural and social norms. In the past, dating used to be more organic and personal. If you liked someone, you would have to approach them, progress to exchange home numbers, communicate through Friendster, etc. If you’re curious to know how things have changed, now that millennials and zoomers dominate the dating scene, keep on reading!

In general, dating is not an important priority for young adults today. Instead, they are more career-driven and focused on their own well-being and happiness. In fact, a 2022 study by Ypulse showed that about sixty percent of youngsters are not prioritising relationships. Restrictions brought about by the pandemic and economic impacts which resulted from it have thrown dating further down their list of priorities. Additionally, as there is now less pressure and negativity toward staying single, relationships seem to be even less of an importance to youngsters today.

Young people are still dating, even though it may not be that much of a priority. However, what’s interesting is that the qualities that they are seeking out in their partners are shifting. Other than focusing on attributes like income and physical appearance, youngsters are looking for those with the same views and/or support similar social movements as them. Their partners’ views on issues like feminism, racism, mental health, and consent are important. Some go to the extent of sharing their political views and support for social issues on their social media or dating bios.

Having grown up in the era of technology, social media plays a big part in dating for the younger generation. Ypulse’s study found that almost half of millennials and gen-zs have dated people they met through social media. People normally slide into the DMs (Direct Messages) of those they are interested in, which refers to messaging others privately through social media.

Although social media is widely used by young people for dating, the main medium they go through to date others is dating applications. Statistics from Milieu states that close to half of adults in Singapore have used dating applications at some point in their lives. Tinder, CoffeeMeetsBagel and OkCupid are a few of the more popular applications.

In all, dating, although less of a priority, still happens among young people in Singapore. With technology and social media, dating is now more digital. There is no doubt that dating will continue to transform with further developments in technology and society. It would probably be a good idea for you to mentally prepare yourself for when your kids start dating in future. Who knows what kind of changes there will be!

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