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8 Fantastic Ideas for Group Dates

Group dating provides an opportunity for singles who are romantically interested in each other to socialize in a group setting. It can ease the pressure of getting to know a dating prospect in the company of friends and in turn, it helps your personality to shine through as you interact in a more relaxed and light-hearted way. The possibilities of fun activities you can do are limitless, and you get to walk away with friends of both sexes as well! Here are some amazing ideas for group dates that you can explore!

Hosting a game night

Keep things simple by having a game night with some snacks, drinks and a have a friendly tournament to spice things up! Prepare a variety of board and card games, some guessing games like Pictionary, and you are set for the night!

Beach Bonfire

When was the last time you huddled around a campfire and shared interesting stories over roasted marshmallows? Gather with your new friends and start playing some games that allow you to ask questions to get to know each other on a deeper level.

Cooking competition

Split your group up and start flexing your culinary skills! Have judges taste and comment on the dishes prepared by the teams, and then write the score in a card hidden in an envelope. Sounds exciting? Bring up the stakes by having losers do all the dishes!

Make a Short Film

If you like the animated film “Toy Story”, then you will like this idea! Pair up and start creating a short movie with your handphone about the toy you have chosen with your partner. Tragedy, comedy, action, romance, you name it, you have it! Once you are done filming, get some popcorn and share the interesting films you made!


Give each pair a budget and send them out to find the most odd, outrageous, or ridiculous item in the nearest thrift store! Bring them back and have a show-and-tell competition!

Volunteer at the animal shelter

If you like animals, why not make your group date meaningful with a trip to the animal shelter? Not only can you spend time with little critters you find adorable, but you also get to see the caring and loving sides of your friends and romantic potentials!

Wine and Paint

Have a few nice bottles of reds and whites, and start expressing yourself creatively with some canvases and a paintbrush! Share your works of art later for an interesting discussion!

Dress-up Party

Who says you need a special occasion to dress up? Come decked out in any costume of your choice! Decorate your place to give a party vibe and everyone can let loose pretending to be their favourite character!

Group dates are a great opportunity for you to plan interesting activities. Not only does it help everyone to open up to each other and have fun in the process, but you will learn a lot more about each other and yourself too!

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