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9 Great Ways To Impress The Lady

Specially created for all the Nice Guys out there looking to create a lasting impression on your date, here are 9 simple but powerful ways to do it;

Number 1 – Be Punctual

First impression does count thus it is important to be on time especially on the first date. It shows a guy’s sincerity and attitude towards his date. When a guy makes effort to be punctual or even earlier on the first date, the lady would be impressed with him and feel that he respects her. Hence, do make sure you leave your house approximately 30 minutes early especially if you are not familiar with the route to the venue of the meeting place.

Number 2 – Hold the Door

Do be a gentleman and hold every door of a restaurant, shopping centre or any other buildings for the lady. If the door opens towards you, pull it and allow the lady to go in first before stepping in. However, if it is a heavy door that opens inwards, it is acceptable to walk in first, hold the door and wait for the lady to go inside. Please remember to do it subtly and thoughtfully as the lady would not like to have too much fuss and attention of others’ on her. By doing this attentive act, you would definitely let a lady feel special and appreciated.

Number 3 –Pull the Chair for the Lady

This is another important act though I do not see it happen very often these days. By pulling the chair for your date before you sit down, the lady would feel that you care about her interests before your own. Helping her to settle down first priorities your own comfort and would help to impress her further.

Number 4 – Watch your Language

Please remember you are on a date with a fair lady and do not use the same mannerism like when you are hanging out with your group of buddies. Always remember to be courteous on the first date and use “Please” or “Thank you” when appropriate. In addition, there should not be any sexually suggestive or offensive languages during the conversation with your date. Make her comfortable by talking on safe topics such as her family, hobbies & interests, work, and countries that she travelled before. Do not probe on sensitive topics such as her income, past relationship and personal problems.

Way 5 – Maintain Eye Contact throughout the Date

During the date, always maintain eye contact with your lady to show that you are keen on her companion and do not interrupt her when she is speaking. However, please do not make her uncomfortable by staring at her intensely. Every minute or so, you can shift your eyes to other areas briefly before resuming eye contact with her. It is a basic courtesy to put your handphone on silence mode so as not to disrupt the conversation. Even though you may not like the date, please show your gentleman manner and give her the due respect.

Way 6 – Walk on the Outer Lane of the Road

By offering to walk on the outer lane of the road, this would display your chivalry manner and allow a lady to place her trust in you in protecting her. Another gentleman act greatly appreciated by lady is to guide her while crossing the road.

Way 7 -Introduce her when you meet Someone outside

When you are on a date with a lady, do not neglect her presence and introduce her whenever you meet someone you know. Make a brief conversation with the person you meet and shortly return to your date after that. A lady would definitely don’t feel good if she is ignored or neglected especially on the first date. Thus, it is the guy’s responsibility to let the lady feel comfortable and at ease during the date.

Way 8- Smile and Stay Confident

A confident and assertive guy would always be well-liked by ladies. Hence it is important to display such confidence and decisiveness in front of your date. One great tip is to Pre-plan and “visually rehearsed” the date beforehand. You can plan and reserve seats in advance, and run through the whole date in your mind to see if you have left out anything. This preparation would allow the date to run smoothly and your date would be impressed with the impeccable planning.

Though during the date you may feel nervous, do console yourself that your date is feeling the same way as you do. Always smile and have a positive attitude.

Way 9 – Offer to Send your Date back

It is a good gesture to ensure your date safely when she is with you. After a date, you should offer to see the lady back. When you showered such concern over her safely, the lady would feel appreciated and protected by you. However, if a girl is not comfortable allowing you to send her home, do offer to call a cab for her and call her/text her sometime later to check if she is safely back home.

Yup all the guys out there, once you master the 9 simple ways well, you would be on the cupid’s board soon.

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